Bio Green Components

The Biogreen waste water treatment system combines the following key modules resulting in an effective integrated waste water treatment solution that completely naturally treats effluent.

  1. Fortified Clarifier Module

This ensures the clarification of grey water, biodegradation of (organic) oils and grease; and reduction of scum formation in the treatment system.c1


  • Trapping of the oil, grease and scum
  • Biodegradation of (organic) oil, grease and scum
  • Elimination of clogging and blockage of external plumbing works
  • Improved biodegradation and treatment of effluent that goes into the FAF unit



  1. Fortified primary treatment Module

This is where biodegradation and initial treatment of blackwater takes place

•    Complete breakdown of effluent, making it easier for further treatmentc2
•    Elimination of foul odour
•    No fill
•    No exhaustion
•    Economical use of space
•    Natural treatment without use of harmful chemicals or electro-mechanical means



  1. Fortified Distribution Module

This serves as a point of integration of the blackwater and greywater.

•    Regulates and dams the flow into the Aerobic Filterc3
•    An inspection and control point
•    A secondary treatment point for toilet and kitchen wastewater
•    Serves as a primary treatment point for bath and laundry wastewater


From this point, the water can either be distributed into a drainfield or a fortified aerobic filter.


4.Fortified Aerobic Filter (FAF) Module

Combines both biodegradation and mechanical filtration in one unit.

•    Control the dissolved oxygen levels
•    Treatment of effluent into re-usable water
•    Elimination of foul smell
•    Filtration and purification of the effluent
•    Elimination of colour
•    Elimination of pathogens
•    Increase dissolved oxygen


.5. UV Treatment Module


•    Small footprint
•    No need for chemical disinfection and leaves behind no residual or by-products.
•    Pathogens cannot develop a resistance
•    Ultra Violet treatment and sterilization
•    Instantly neutralize and eliminate harmful bacteria

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